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Mini LED, the Critical and Prospective Domain for PCB Manufactures

Mini LED, the Critical and Prospective Domain for PCB Manufactures

Mini LED, also called millimeter light emitting diode, with chip size 50 ~ 200 microns. As backlight, Mini LED is applicable to LCD screen, and can realize fine display effects such as HDR by improving contrast significantly. Besides, as the cutting-edge technology following OLED, Mini LED is superior in many different aspects such as production cost, display effect, power consumption, service life, etc. and represent the future development trend of the display industry.

According to the data released by TrendForce, the shipment of Mini LED TVs worldwide will reach 3,000,000 sets this year.  Therefore 2021 is also called as the “first year of Mini LED era”, CMMA predicted that the utilization rate of Mini LED would exceed 20% in display field by 2025.

High-end PCB Companies Start to Make Layout of Mini LED Industry Chain Actively

The application in Apple’s high-end MacBook will push such trend. Apple are launching Mini LED-related products continuously, more and more companies follow Apple to accept Mini LED in their products. Such development are influencing the whole supply chain. All leading PCB companies in China are taking Mini LED as strategic market and making the investing on capacity for it.

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