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A Word from the President

A word from the President of the Executive Committee

The Hummingbird sets the example, a simple but strong message.
Everyone should do their share!

"Once upon a time", legend has it, "a terrible forest fire broke out..."
A Word from the PresidentWhile in the world today everyone is scared, feels unable to do anything and nothing gets done, hummingbirds, tiny birds, do "their share" to put out the fire. In the society in which we live, the fire could be called waste, pollution, irresponsibility, selfishness, greed, war, denial and the destruction of others, and so on.

The "Hummingbird philosophy", its way of thinking and acting, is completely the opposite.

The Hummingbird Legend shapes our choices

It suggests that simplicity, sobriety and lightness are the soul of elegance. It gives priority to local solutions, with a good hold on reality and the situation, as opposed to global solutions that generate disorder that exceeds our comprehension. It favours small human organisations, on a human scale, which make close relationships and cooperation between individuals easier. It contributes to improving self-esteem to facilitate the expression of the talents in each and every one of us.

In this way of being, éolane is already there in many areas. Even if it is not yet completely so, it is already well on the way! Let us continue working this way together.

That "Each person do their share!" the best they can. The important thing is that we be many with this aim in mind. Thus éolane will be a company made up of exemplary people where the joy of working together is possible.

Paul Raguin, Président du directoire - Nautilus