Eolane Supply Chain Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
eolane supply chain management professional european leader in PCB&Technical parts

Area of Expertise


Our experts oversee that the production – from prototyping up to volume – is working according to our processes and product specification.


- Qualification audit
- Strategic supplier program
- Monthly Quality and OTD scoring
- Regular visit
- IQA inspection
- Supplier on-site inspection
- Supplier training projects
- Disqualification notice


Eolane SCM production management team ensures continuity of product quality throughout the whole supply chain. Closely collaborate with the factories, for rapid problem solving and early warnings.

- Production Process
- Factory Management
- Quality Assurance
- Sourcing Process

Production 1Production 2

Supply Chain

Eolane SCM is responsible for order management and supply-chain management.

- To analyze your own procurement process
- To optimize the procurement process
- Assist you in drawing up management charts
- Tools for order management
- Supplier trainings
- Assist you to monitor orders, keep you informed of delays, manage documents, and manage logistic service providers.

Supply Chain 1 Supply Chain 2 Supply Chain 3


Eolane SCM assists our clients in building up distribution networks.

- Sub-contracting projects of finish products, for easier local manufacturing
- Set up externalized organization including import and local invoicing partners, sub-contractors partners as well as logistic partners

Eolane SCM assists in building up distribution networks

Local Supplier Consultancy

Eolane SCM would like to help our clients for strategic organization investigations based in emerging countries, involve in business acquisition projects or technology transfer projects.

- Strategic development plan
Partnership with a local company through a joint venture
Set-up of local companies

- Market research, study of competitors and target partners

Local Supplier Consultancy


Our technical sourcing department offers its expertise in sourcing in emerging countries, managing sourcing projects, supplier negotiation or industrial intelligence.


-  To analyze customer's portfolio
-  To carry out a preliminary examination of customer's projects
-  Sourcing by researching and selecting suppliers in ELN database and  the market, to fit for technical requirements and quantities
-  Cost breakdown
-  Assist the customer for technical drawings