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Basic Information About Printed Circuit Board

Printed circuit board {PCB circuit board}, also known as printed circuit board, is a supplier of electrical connection of electronic components, which has been developing for more than 100 years.  Its design is mainly layout design. The main advantage of using PCB is to reduce the error of wiring and assembly, greatly improving the level of automation and production labor rate.  

According to the number of PCB layers, it can be divided into single panel, double panel, four-layer board, six-layer board and other multi-layer PCB.

Because PCB is not a common end product, the definition of the name is somewhat confusing. For example, the motherboard used in personal computers is called the motherboard, not the PCB. Although there are circuit boards in the motherboard, they are not the same. Therefore, when assessing the industry, they cannot be said to be the same. Another example: because an integrated circuit component is mounted on a circuit board, the news media call it an IC board, but in reality it is not equivalent to a printed circuit board. We usually refer to printed circuit boards as bare boards — that is, a circuit board without components.
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