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The Most Potential Electronic Paper Terminal - Electronic Paper Panel

Terminal manufacturers such as iFLYTEK, Guoyue, Bigme and Sony released the large-screen electronic paper panel products in succession recently, which began the innovative application of electronic paper. As shown by the data of RUNTO, the market scale of electronic paper terminal is expected to USD 11.3 billion by 2021 and to USD 72.3 billion by 2025, with a compound growth rate of 59% in these five years.

Overall Market Scale Forecast on Global Electronic Paper Terminal Products of 2021-2025F

Application terminal of electronic paper is mainly oriented to such commercial products as electronic label and advertising signage; the application of consumer electronics occupies a small proportion and product category is also greatly different with other categories.

Electronic paper panel is one most important segmented scenario in consumer category. As defined by RUNTO, the large-sized electronic paper panel is the intelligent equipment with electronic screen of 6”-13.3”, including the products such as reader, office computer and intelligent working computer. In the past several years, the large-sized electronic paper panel terminal showed a descending trend every year with shrinkage of reader market.

For the new products released recently this year, various manufacturers improve the expandability of electronic paper panel dramatically through targeted software optimization, color E-ink screen and application of Android open system. As a result, the shipment of electronic paper panel begins to rise again, and besides the rise-up of reader, electronic paper office computer is becoming a new choice of terminal manufacturer.

With the development and maturation of color electronic paper module and chip IC, the electronic paper panel products based on Android system is no longer inferior to the ordinary LCD panel in terms of function, which enjoys the distinct characteristics of the energy saving and eye protection of E-ink screen. In the opinion of Li Yueheng, the analyzer of RUNTO, the electronic paper panel would become the most potential electronic paper terminal.

Global Shipment of Electronic Paper Panels of 2011-2022F

The global shipment of electronic paper panels is expected to reach 13 million sets in 2021, and that number will go up to 15 million sets in 2022, showing a growth rate over 15%.

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