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Eolane China Quality Engineering Laboratory Officially Put Into Use

At Eolane China, we are constantly pursuing the improvement and growth of quality engineering capabilities to drive continuous improvement in process performance, product quality and customer satisfaction. Eolane China is committed to the establishment of a dedicated failure analysis function team and an internal analysis laboratory to achieve a leap in overall quality engineering capabilities.

Since May, Eolane China's internal analysis laboratory has been officially launched, named "Quality Engineering Laboratory", referred to as QE LAB. The lab will integrate the analysis and testing resources of Eolane China in various internal departments, gradually expand the laboratory's own analysis projects, and make full use of third-party laboratory resources to make up for the test projects that are temporarily not available to provide one-stop testing services. Obviously, the lab has many advantages over external laboratories, such as response speed, analysis cycle, and so on.

Quality Engineering Laboratory Officially Put Into Use

It is true that thanks to the huge investment in inspection and test equipment by Eolane China, our newly established quality engineering laboratory has made a good start. At the time of its establishment, we have already had many advanced testing equipments. Currently, the laboratory has established some of its own experimental capabilities, including Leica high-magnification metallurgy microscope, digital push-pull force tester, and Jumho 16-channel strain analyzer. In addition, the laboratory also shares Dage X photodetectors, Metronelec ion contamination testers, Niton RoHS analyzers, and Agilent oscilloscopes with production and testing departments.

Quality Engineering Laboratory Officially Put Into Use

Recently, the lab's three-year development roadmap has been released, which will guide the lab to gradually expand new experimental capabilities along with a steadily rising curve, including basic projects and high-end applications. In the short-term and medium-term planning, Eolane China will establish inspection projects such as micro-slice analysis, dyeing experiments, I/V curve measuring instruments and semiconductor components opening inspection. As a long-term plan, the necessary micro-analysis capabilities for microstructure, morphology and composition will be established.

Quality Engineering Laboratory Officially Put Into Use

We believe that the establishment of the Quality Engineering Laboratory will definitely bring great benefits to the realization of Eolane's Chinese processes and products, and the realization of customer needs, and help Eolane China to take a big step towards superior quality.
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