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Eolane China'S Industrial Intelligence Is Excellence And Never-Ending!

In the twinkling of an eye, the winter has quietly arrived.

Looking back on the past, Eolane Industrial Development Department explored all the way on the road of Industry 4.0. Although Eolane did not dare to say that it was fruitful, it was fortunate enough to introduce a series of projects.

Industrial Intelligence Is Excellence And Never-Ending

The systems that include "SMT Grid Quick Query System", "Assembly Workshop AGV Automatic Feeding System", "New Energy Vehicle Control System Automated Leakage Test", "ICT Automation Manipulator Import" and "AOI Online Control System" all embody the wisdom and sweat of the employees of the Industrial Development Department and IT, ME, TE, PRO, QA and other functional departments.

Industrial Intelligence Is Excellence And Never-Ending
Industrial Intelligence Is Excellence And Never-Ending

So what new projects will the Ministry of Industry Development carry out in the coming period? Focusing on the two development themes of innovation and intelligence, after careful deliberation and joint discussion, everyone agreed that they can continue to explore from the following two aspects.

Industrial Intelligence Is Excellence And Never-Ending

First,  "intelligent logistics system"
As everyone knows, "smart manufacturing" is the core of Industry 4.0. "Intelligent logistics" is an indispensable part of "smart manufacturing", and it is imperative to promote the intelligentization of the logistics system. In addition, from a lean point of view, how to reduce or eliminate the "eight wastes" also reflects the operation level of a company. "Smart Logistics" can greatly reduce or eliminate waste in handling and waiting during the production process, and the entire material conveying method will be changed from the previous push to pull, thus reducing inventory and work-in-progress waste. The ultimate expectation of promoting "smart logistics" is that the system will control the transmission and management of internal materials and work-in-progress in the future, further reduce human intervention and achieve the autonomous management of the entire logistics system as much as possible.

Industrial Intelligence Is Excellence And Never-Ending

Second,  the "IMS system"
The five characteristics of Industry 4.0 are interconnection, data, integration, innovation and transformation. So, how can we use these five characteristics to help the company move toward the industry 4.0 and move to a smart factory?

Personally, the MES system is very critical and can even be called a "hub". Of course, the MES category here is beyond the previous concept - limited to product traceability, process control, quality tracking and so on. Here MES, we can call it MES4.0 or IMS (Intelligent Manufacture System). In addition to some of the contents of traditional MES, it also includes innovative management concepts such as preventive maintenance of equipment, equipment energy management, shopfloor cost analysis, visualization and intelligent WI establishment, WIP management, APS advanced scheduling system, and abnormal problems, feedback mechanisms and data-driven management. Furthermore, the IMS system can interface with the front-end CRM and ERP systems. It can also interface with the client and back-end SCM systems and logistics systems. Customers can place orders through the system and quickly know our delivery date and know the production status and shipping status of their products in Eolane; similarly, our suppliers can know when we need what kind of materials.

Industrial Intelligence Is Excellence And Never-Ending

I believe that the development of Eolane Industry 4.0 will continue to be full of innovation and full of passion. The Ministry of Industry Development will also continue to try to improve the existing production capacity with the spirit of "artisans" and open up a road of industry 4.0 with Eolane characteristics!
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