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In recent years, with the deepening of the concept of innovation and the deepening of the innovation strategy, many companies have begun to try different degrees in the production of "intelligence" and new business forms within the globe. In China, under the background of a new era that encourages "mass entrepreneurship and innovation", the related industries with the Internet of Things are showing strong development momentum.

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It is in this "double creation" environment that Eolane IoT City that is the only Sino-French intelligent hardware incubator in East China was initiated by the French Eolane Group and co-founded by a number of well-known IoT technology-related companies in China. Eolane IoT City mainly has five modules of "research and development support, incubation operation, rapid proofing, marketing and special fund" in its business model, aiming to create a service-oriented international intelligent hardware incubator for the whole industry chain.

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In the entire intelligent hardware incubation process, in addition to the long process from idea to product, the most troublesome hardware creators or developers are the rapid delivery of products. Because the proofing in the research and development stage has the characteristics of small batch size and short delivery time, and the requirements for cost control and quality are particularly high, it is often difficult for hardware creators or enterprise R&D personnel to find a factory in the market to cooperate with such business. In order to solve this problem of creators and developers, Eolane IoT City has customized an independent and complete one-stop proofing service center from the beginning of its establishment!--Eolane IoT City micro- factory.

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Since the establishment of the micro-factory, the market demand has been growing. In order to expand its production capacity, we upgraded the original equipment, introduced new MPM printing equipment, and a total of eight module placement equipment from Fuji-NXT. After the upgrade, the factory's ability in PCBA manufacturability has also been greatly improved. The smallest component can be mounted on 0201 and the chip pitch is 0.3mm. In theory, the number of placements per hour can reach 100,000 points.

At the same time as the hardware equipment upgrade, Eolane IoT City micro-factory also combines the channel and price advantage accumulated by Eolane China in material procurement resources and cooperates with well-known domestic and foreign distributors and one-stop fast electronic material procurement solution providers. The Eolane IoT City micro-factory forms the absolute advantage of rapid material procurement, helping to seamlessly bridge the rapid proofing process and gradually establishing and improving the rapid proofing process.

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In terms of staffing, we also set up the CFT team (customer-specific team) with staffing in project management, process engineering, procurement and quality engineering. The CFT team members of Eolane IoT City Micro Factory have an average of more than 10 years of relevant product management and process experience and are familiar with the production process, cost structure and quality control points of the products in various fields. In particular, they have extensive experience in project management of proofing products. The team can dock the customer in the first time, understand the customer's demand for delivery, process and quality, and provide quick feedback!

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So far, the Eolane IoT City micro-factory has established business relationships with dozens of customers at home and abroad in rapid proofing and small and medium volume production. Customer areas include the Internet of Things, smart wear, industrial control, automotive industry and more. In the future, the Eolane IoT City micro-factory will gradually improve and expand the process links and capacity requirements in the development planning, such as the introduction of wave soldering equipment, 3D printers, assembly lines and so on. A one-stop proofing service center will truly realize customer expectations.

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We focus on rapid proofing and are committed to helping developers and creators to verify product functionality and reduce time-to-market in the shortest possible time! Many varieties and small batches are our characteristics. It is our commitment to quickly realize the proofing process of the product! In the future development, Eolane IoT City micro-Factory expects to get in touch with more business partners and grow together!
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