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ESCM is delivering since Feb 11th

February 3rd should be the first working day after Chinese New Year holiday, but coronavirus pneumonia in China has changed it. 

As prevention and control actions to the coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, China government requested all enterprises except those who produce people’s daily necessities and medical devices shall extend the holiday of Chinese New Year and suspend production and operation till 24:00 February 9th. It is 10 days later than scheduled Chinese New Year holidays. Furthermore, people who travels cross cities will be placed in medical isolation for 14 days.  

This incident stopped most of companies from delivering. 

ESCM’s all staff have come back to office on February 10th, one day later ESCM made the first delivery, total 300KG, in such critical situation. The forwarder was not allowed to enter the industry park and pick up the goods, ESCM people carried the products 500 meters and handed them into forwarder van.

Since February 11th ESCM keeps delivering. 

In order to guarantee the quality during this special period, ESCM upgraded the quality control level. All engineers have taken part in the quality inspection, which was done by inspectors normally.

ESCM also chartered the truck to pick up the goods and send them to airport even it is a small package.

ESCM is doing best to produce and transport products to our customers as quickly as possible in such difficult time. From February 11th to 25th, ESCM has finished 27 deliveries, including 83 part numbers and total 18,427KG, with on-time rate 80.9%. 
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