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IoT and Smart City: éolane and the Chinese town of Dongguan sign a strategic partnership

Recently, the Dongguan Chinese delegation signed a cooperative agreement with éolane, paving the way for a partnership between the municipality and the group to work together on a smart city project.

The agreement was signed at the éolane headquarters in the Maine & Loire, in a friendly atmosphere, followed by a site visit and a photo session. The day continued with a visit to the IoT City in Angers, of which there has been a replica in Suzhou, near éolane China subsidiary, since April 2016.

Emilie Blanchon, business manager for éolane Supply Chain Management in China, participated in the success of the organisation of the meeting. She ensured the smooth unfolding of the event, especially in terms of protocol.

A path for the development of joint projects
Boosting cooperation between Chinese companies and éolane in Europe, this partnership is very promising for the development of new practices for emerging or well-established companies. It is a great opportunity to demonstrate the value of R&D projects bilaterally, and a major springboard to encourage exchange. It is said there is strength in numbers, and that is even truer when it comes to innovation!

Marc Pasquier
Director and member of the Executive Board
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