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Printed Circuit Board

For the design and manufacture of printed circuit board, we have the flexibility to combine experience and innovative skills to ensure a perfect response to various needs.

Printed circuit board is the basic component of manufacturing board card. Design and industry support are the additional value we offer our customers. Our products range from simple double panel to multi-layer panel, from professional application to functional security.We support and manage products through various forms : hard boards, soft boards, rigid-flex PCB, and high frequency applications. The production process is continuously monitored, including comprehensive tracking of processes and products.

The production procedures are certified according to customer industry standards, including: railways, pharmaceuticals, industrial automation, aerospace and defense.

The production line is equipped with the most advanced machines and equipment. They are the best in terms of precision and industrial automation, and the quality is also the best from sample to mass production.

Services and key features:                                                                           
1. Standard planning design or collaborative design and development                                                                                               
2. Rapid prototyping                                                                                 
3. Duplicate production                                                                             
4.  FR4 laminated, high glass transition temperature, halogen free, relative leakage index >250V                                                                   
5. Multi-layer mixed material, up to 24 layers                                         
6. Printed circuit with copper and aluminum heat sinks                         
7. High-frequency special materials (PTFE, Rogers, RT/Duroid TM)       
8. Control impedance                                                                                 
9. Blind Buried vias, laser perforation, high density interconnect           
10. Certified microsection                                                                         
11. Safety (SIL)                                                                                             
12. The treatment of ROHS chemical tin, chemical gold, lead-free hot air leveling 

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