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Reforms of Customer Focus Team Have Achieved Great Results

CFT (Customer focus team)
CFT (Customer focus team), the customer-specific team, is the inter-departmental cooperation team established by Eolane China to serve customers agilely, meet customer needs, enhance customer relationships and maintain healthy growth of the project. At the same time, CFT is also the implementation and practitioner of Eolane Values "Customer First" and corporate philosophy "Service Creation Value".

The organizational structure of CFT is more common in the electronics manufacturing services industry. Today, at Eolane China, we are working hard to give him a new definition and mission.

Eolane China continues to optimize and reform the organizational structure and management methods of CFT, aiming to bring real power to CFT. In the process of customer service, it can better mobilize internal and external resource, solve project problems in time, and meet customer needs to maximize customer satisfaction.

So let us take a look at the aspects of the CFT reform of Eolane China.

1. Strengthen team concept
CFT's team members come from different departments and have no reporting relationship with each other. To enable everyone to support each other, collaborate, and achieve common goals, we must first strengthen the team concept and strengthen team cohesion.

To this end, Eolane China has re-adjusted the CFT staff distribution mechanism. The definition of members between the original CFT teams is not clear, and each CFT now has its own fixed team members. And in principle, no team members are allowed to participate in both CFTs at the same time. At the same time, Eolane China innovated the KPI assessment mechanism for CFT team members. Members from different functional departments have their own KPI assessments, and now all team members of each CFT share the same KPI. Nowadays, CFT team members work in a centralized manner according to the team division, which not only forms a working atmosphere of teamwork but also facilitates timely communication with each other, thereby improving the efficiency of problem-solving.

2. Optimize organizational structure
In order to enable the CFT team to achieve self-management, Eolane China has added a CFT leadership position - AM (Account Manager). As the team leader of CFT, AM will assume the responsibility of CFT daily management and coordination, customer relationship maintenance and optimization. In order to make CFT more comprehensive, Eolane China added TE (Test Engineering) to CFT for the first time this month, making it officially a member of the CFT team. Typically, a mature CFT consists of cross-sector members from Project Management (PM), Materials Management (MPM), Process Engineering (PE), Quality (QE), and Test Engineering (TE).

CFT (Customer focus team)

3. Power is in place
In order for CFT to fulfill its customer service mission independently and efficiently, Eolane China gives CFT and AM full power. Each CFT team can apply for an independent budget based on the actual situation of the clients it serves, while AM is given the power and responsibility for budget use and approval. In principle, the operation of the CFT and the work arrangements of the team members are not subject to the intervention of the functional department manager. The functional department manager mainly supports the CFT, and the AM has the decision-making power in the allocation of the internal resources of the CFT.

4. Import independent member recruitment, competition and elimination mechanisms
As an extremely important customer service team at Eolane China, CFT has independent membership recruitment, competition and elimination mechanisms. AM will periodically evaluate the team's manpower based on the workload of the CFT. Once the manpower is found to be insufficient, AM can directly apply to HR for recruitment and specific requirements. The functional department manager and HR will work with AM to complete the recruitment process and deliver new members to the CFT in a timely manner. Every six months, the CFT team conducts an internal member mutual evaluation and conducts necessary personnel adjustments based on the results of the mutual evaluation to ensure the cohesiveness of the CFT team and to ensure the comprehensive ability level of the CFT team members. Every quarter, Eolane China will launch an excellent CFT selection campaign. The selected excellent CFT will give a certain reward, and team members can share this honor together.

5. Improve the working environment of the CFT team
Eolane China is very concerned about the working environment of the CFT team. In May of this year, the renovation of the CFT office was completed. The new CFT office combines office, meeting and leisure functions. According to the plan, the future CFT office can accommodate up to six CFT teams.

The U-shaped desk layout makes communication within the CFT members more convenient. The adjustment of the baffle structure between the office seats allows team members to sit and communicate face-to-face and make communication easier. Wall and cylinder whiteboards allow CFT members to meet and discuss inspiration, anytime, anywhere. In this renovation, Eolane China boldly adopts yellow as the main color, giving people a light, bright and hopeful color atmosphere. It also symbolizes the expectation that the CFT team can better achieve agile and efficient service in the process of serving customers. As a highlight of the green wall, with the vibrant green plants, CFT's office environment is more comfortable, helping everyone to relax and maintain the best working condition.

CFT (Customer focus team)
CFT (Customer focus team)
CFT (Customer focus team)

Up to now, Eolane China has successfully established 4 independent CFT customer-specific teams. All team members are working hard and hard to better serve the customers of Eolane China. The Eolane China Management Team will also continue to provide them with various aspects of support to make CFT's operation mode more reasonable and efficient. Eolane China is confident and determined. CFT will be able to clearly and forcefully deliver the service concept of "Our Customer First" of Eolane Group to all customers, and provide customers with first-class service experience so that customers can feel the sincerity and effort of Eolane people.
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