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Special Process PCB

We provide the PCB surface treatment with Immersion Gold, Immersion Silver, Immersion Tin, Gold Finger, Lead Free HASL, OSP, Flash Gold. We offer Special Process PCB, such as: High Density PCB, Annular Ring PCB, Heavy Copper PCB, Impedance Control PCB, Rigid Flex PCB, Buried & Blind Holes PCB, and so on. If you want to know more about the different process PCB products, please contact with us.

We are a one-stop printed circuit board supplier and quick turn PCB assembly solution. Offering some of the most advanced PCB technology and convenient services found in the industry: Full Spec PCBs, Small Quantity - Quick Turn PCBs, Custom Spec - Quick Turn PCBs, Highly Specialized Precision PCBs, & Large Scale Production (No order is too small or too large).

Since 2005 Eolane SCM is directly located in China. With currently around 20 employees we, take care of your projects, audit suppliers, and do quality 100% control according to our European standards. This ensures highest reliability and a constant level of high quality. We count on a well-established mix of French management and engineers with project managers from local Chinese staff. This has been proven to be the best combination to assure that European quality standards are applied thoroughly and dependability in the entire supply-chain remains at highest levels.

A small, well-established network of selected suppliers, China has been served as reliable partners for many years. The close long-term relationship and presence on this market allows us to send staff into production lines at our will and influence quality and production of your projects accordingly. The mutual benefits of these trusted partnerships have created a level of reliability that trading companies cannot come close to. All projects are 100% tested and packed by independent Eolane staff in our own testing facility in China, applying European quality standards.
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