Eolane Supply Chain Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
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We Grows Up - BRAND NEW Eolane SCM

New Name

Eolane Supply Chain Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd  (Eolane SCM)
We were born in 2005;
We were the first baby of Eolane Group in China ;
We had the same mother and spent a happy childhood with brothers in Europe;
We appreciate our mother and brothers who had helped and would like to support us as well in the future;
We are brand-new!

New Positioning

- A global enterprise for your electronic sourcing projects in China
- A PCB & technical Parts expert for demanding customers: high quality, on-time delivery at competitive prices
- A technical leader who has complete process ownership throughout the whole production
- A mechanical parts provider with highly qualified professional team in China

Wide product range: PCB, Metal products, Plastic products, LCD/LCM, Power adapters, all kinds of customized parts.

New Team

Watched South Korean fashion films ? Wanna know why those’re quite famous in Asia and all over the world?
Because of muscle boys and attractive girls.
New Eolane SCM team not only gains attactive lookings, but also professional technical and business experts.

New Organization Chart

New organization includes more functions, like demand management team, quality, logistics, marketing, project management teams, for better service to our customers.

Eolane SCM supplies more than 2000 kinds of customized parts to international customers, with 85 cooperated factories in China and 3000 batches of components delivered every year. The most important, we know how to deal with Chinese factories!

Among PCB, metal parts, plastic parts, cable, LCD, power adapter and other customized products, Eolane SCM has the richest experience in PCB procurement. We have deep contacts with all PCB factories in China, undertands their product characteristics and business advantages. Eolane SCM selects strategic partners in various categories, to support customers with different demands through centralized procurement management: from 1 panel to more than 1000 square meters PCBs (batch area), from single layer to 50 layers, from 5 mm to 3 meters in length, from general structure to HDI, from ordinary materials to special materials...... Eolane SCM is honored to provide one-stop solutions to our dear customers!

Area of Expertise

1) Purchasing
Our technical sourcing department offers its expertise in sourcing in emerging countries, managing sourcing projects, supplier negotiation or industrial intelligence.
2) Quality
Our experts oversee that the production – from prototyping up to volume – is working according to our processes and product specification.
3) Production
Eolane SCM production management team ensures continuity of product quality throughout the whole supply chain. Closely collaborate with the factories, for rapid problem solving and early warnings.
4) Supply Chain
Eolane SCM is responsible for order management and supply-chain management. For example, to analyze your own procurement process, to optimize the procurement process, to assist you in drawing up management charts, monitor orders, keep you informed of delays, manage documents, and manage logistic service providers.
5) Distribution
Eolane SCM assists our clients in building up distribution networks, through sub-contracting projects or set up externalized organization.
6) Local supplier consultancy
Eolane SCM would like help our clients for strategic organization investigations based in emerging countries, involve in business acquisition projects or technology transfer projects.

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