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Time of issue:2022-07-14 10:19:24

Eolane SCM provides customers with LCD customization and solutions.

Parts Customizable items Details
Panel glass size < 398.4mm*347.6mm
shape round, hexagon, square etc.
Backlight brightness <1500 cd/m²(normal)
LED life time 30000hours, 50000hous etc.
Touch panel CTP I²C, USB interface
RTP four wire interface, five wire interface
Bonding type optical bonding OCA
air gap bonding tape bonding
FPC pinouts number of pins
interface MIPI, LVDS, VGA, MCU, SPI, I²C
shape following drawing
Assembly narrow border integrated backlight design for plastic and bezel
IC alternative solution same pin numbers and definition
Other sunlignt-readable high brightness, Antireflection etc.
low-temperature <-30℃
anti-electromagnetic interference EMI, EMC protection


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