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a New Era of OLED Image Quality - META Technology 2.0


META Technology 2.0, LG Display's new OLED technology has made its debut at 2024 CES show. It is the first time that META Technology 2.0 has raised its brightness by approximately 42% on a large-sized OLED panel, achieving the highest brightness of 3000-nit in today’s OLED TV industry. With this new technology, viewers can experience real-life images with rich colors and brightness with their own eyes.


META Technology 2.0 has dramatically improved the brightness of the screen by maximizing the light release from micron-level convex lens patterns that is invisible to human eyes. For a 77-inch 4K OLED display, this means a total of 42.4 billion light emission to achieve revolutionary brightness. Tens of billions of micro lenses need to be fabricated uniformly, which makes this technique quite difficult.


The technology is inspired by insect eyes, also known as Dragonfly Eye Technology. Just as dragonflies can see a 360-degree view with millions of raised compound eyes, the structure of this technology can achieve a wide viewing angle of 160 degrees through tens of billions of micro lenses, thus providing viewers with more accurate and exquisite images.

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