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Status of Hubei-based PCB Manufacturers under the Epidemic


Novel coronavirus pneumonia exerts an inevitable impact on the economy, while its impact on local enterprises in Hubei Province, the first reported place of the epidemic, has attracted wide attention.

Hubei is important base of Taiwan PCB factories. It is reported by Taiwan media recently that the market began to worry that the epidemic in Wuhan (capital city of Hubei) may trigger a crisis in the electronic industry chain.

PCB manufacturers such as EMC, Unimicron, Tripod, WUS and Dynamic have facilities in Hubei.

Recently, WUS announced that Huangshi WUS Electronics Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of WUS, maintained the production at the original scale because they have not suspended the production during the Spring Festival and all of employees were not affected by this issues.  

Dynamics has transported the finished products from Huangshi Factory to Kunshan factory before the traffic control caused by coronavirus.  And the employees in the factory can continue to work. At present, the factory is in normal operation, its supply chain and shipment are also working, indicating its operation has not been significantly influenced by the epidemic.

Other PCB manufacturers in Hubei have also announced that no employees are reported infected. The companies will pay close attention to the epidemic of novel coronavirus pneumonia. These factories extend the resumption of work to February 10th, requested by local government.

The interviewees pointed that their factories was still in production during the Spring Festival but with a minimum level of working force. As the result of travail ban, all factories will face serous labor shortage. At current stage, the factories can only adjust the production capacity according to actual quantity of their workers and the raw material from their suppliers.

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