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Nice, Bastia, Montpellier, Provence , Pyrenees, Lure, are we travelling in France? No, we are not, we are entering an office building named Le Tour de France. Walking through the lobby and corridor, people will be attracted and touched by the huge and beautiful landscape paintings of France, each painting covers the whole wall and present one place of France. ESCM just opened a new office in this nice building in November.




ESCM and its sister company Eolane Technology runs together since 2006. People of two companies are working in one facility, a three-floor building. Recently with more persons joining, there are no enough places, it is the time to expand.

New office is 190 square meters and 15 kilometers away, Sales team and Product team moved into it, Order management team, quality team and Finance and Administration team are still sitting in current office. An elevated road connects two offices, it only takes 10 minutes to drive from one to the other.




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