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New Year Message from CEO

2022 is drawing to a close. There were many events during the year, some are positive...

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Eolane SCM’s new facility put in use

New Facilities in Suzhou Industry Park - We proudly announce that as the business grows, Eolane SCM has launch a new facility in Suzhou Industry Park.

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Nice, Bastia, Montpellier, Provence , Pyrenees, Lure, are we travelling in France? No, we are not, we are entering an office building named Le Tour de France. Walking through the lobby and corridor, people will be attracted and touched by the huge and beautiful landscape paintings of France, each painting covers the whole wall and present one place of France. ESCM just opened a new office in this nice building in November.

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Eolane SCM is delivering since Feb 11th

February 3rd should be the first working day after Chinese New Year holiday, but coronavirus pneumonia in China has changed it.  As prevention and control actions to the coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, China government requested all enterprises except those who produce people’s daily necessities and medical devices shall extend the holiday of Chinese New Year and suspend production and operation till 24:00 February 9th. It is 10 days later than scheduled Chinese New Year holidays. Furthermore, people who travels cross cities will be placed in medical isolation for 14 days.  

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Eolane China Fully Introduces DFM, Design for Manufacturing

DFM comes from the English abbreviation Design for manufacture. As the name implies, DFM fully considers the needs of manufacturing during the development of new products, so that the products have good manufacturability and reach the highest possible yield at the lowest cost in the shortest time.

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